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Alberta Hipps
C. Jerome Jones
Claude Brown
Jim Bryant
Jackie Smith
Marti Weaver
Norman Thagard
Reggie Fullwood


Note: this site is not associted with the Paxon School for Advanced Studies.
Their web site is: http://www.educationcentral.org/sip/school.asp?school=75
Chat Room:  Check out the chat room. 

Your Class: Find your class on the left and click on it to go to your class site. If you do not find a link to your class, email the webmaster and he will create a page for your class.

Message Board: Use this to leave messages for everyone, your class or for an individual classmate.

Music Room: I searched the web and found these MIDI from the time that my class attended Paxon. This is not a complete list - if you liked a song and it is not listed, email me and I will search and add it to the list.

Band: If you have photos - email them to me and I will add them here. I personally played in the band from the 9th thru 11th grade but only have one photo - the 9th grade band.

Photos of Paxon: Not having any photos of Paxon - I stopped by in 2002 and took some photos. You can view these - the school doesn't seem to have changed much - except for the addition of a wing and a face lift of the entrance.

Web Pages of Paxon Graduates: I searched the web and found these pages of Paxon Graduates. If you have a page and want it listed, email me and I will add a link to it here.

Write the webmaster:  This is a form that you can fill out and push the send button without having to do an email.

Happy clicking.

R.L. Dukes
Webmaster and Member of 1960 Class
Email: paxon@usa.com

Use this form to commuicte with the webmaster.  We encouage your thoughts and suggestions.
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